WOW Wednesday

Posted on 23 Nov 2021

2We’ll be celebrating our first WOW Wednesday reward event tomorrow.

Wednesday will be the day that we officially reward our pupils who have produced excellent work during the week that really WOW’ed us.

Teachers will award WOW achievement points, a WOW sticker and a rewards slip whenever they feel a pupil has produced something fantastic. Pupils can then complete the slip with the reasons why they are proud of their work.

WOW rewards will be given out on an individual basis with pupils being awarded dependant on their own ability in order to make it fair for everyone.

Pupils who have received a WOW reward will head to our designated areas each Wednesday break time where they can choose a reward from the selection on offer.

We‘re really excited to reward our first WOW winners. We’re sure there’ll be a fantastic turnout as teachers have been giving out WOW rewards since the end of last week.

We’ll be posting photos tomorrow of some of the winners!