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Sports Leadership

At the Stockton Schools Sport Partnership, we believe that young people can benefit enormously by engaging in Sports Leadership opportunities. Sports Leaders can use their experiences to develop a wide range of important life skills and qualities including confidence, communication, organisation, resilience and problem solving.

We offer training and opportunities to students of both primary and secondary age through our Leadership Academies and practical opportunities to help and lead at our competitions and festivals. We also offer support and guidance to our schools to ensure that the development of leadership skills can continue back in the school where the young leaders help themselves and others to stay active.

Primary Leadership

At our primary Leadership Academy, we begin a journey for students to become Active 60 Champions to encourage and enable others to achieve their 60 minutes of activity every day. Pupils reflect on the skills needed to be a good leaders and learn about the importance and benefits of an active lifestyle.

We support our teachers and students to create an action plan and consider how the Leaders can:

Assist their teachers

Create opportunities for others to be active

Tell others about the benefits of physical activity

Include everyone

Value their own health & wellbeing

Encourage others to be active

We have created an Active 60 Award Scheme with criteria linked to each of the above headings and we have certificates and rewards to accompany the award scheme.

Secondary Leadership

Our Secondary Leadership Academy has a stronger focus on the different skills and qualities needed in order to be a successful leader and challenges the students to reflect on their strengths and areas for development.

The workshop content at the academy training day includes activity to develop communication skills, organisation and teamwork. The students are also challenged to organise and deliver an event for their peers.

Following the training our students are invited to support a number of our Partnership competitions and festivals as an opportunity to practice their skills and develop further on their leadership journey.


Step into Sport - Demonstrating and Developing Leadership

The content of this leadership event continues to focus on the development of leadership skills in young people including those with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND).

Along with their personal development, the new skills will support the Young Leaders develop more opportunities for all students including those with SEND to engage in school sports activities (clubs) and competition

The Step into Sport attendees are supported by a local young role model and Athlete Role Model to:

  • Develop and improve their leadership skills.
  • Feel confident to deliver/support inclusive and engaging activities to all young people.
  • Identify opportunities within their schools and communities to get involved with and make positive change.
  • empowering them to get involved with opportunities and make positive change in their schools and communities.

There are a number of formal Sports Leadership qualifications that schools can access to support students and recognise their achievements. More information can be found on the following websites:

Leadership - Youth Sport Trust

Active Leaders