In Tune with Northfield Music Programme

Our Music Programme is an exciting new programme of instrumental tuition, ensemble experience and performance where everyone is welcome. All you need is a passion for music and a willingness to get involved!

Our aim:

To give every aspiring Northfield musician an opportunity to have fun, make friends, build confidence and achieve through music.

We offer free tuition on the following instruments:









Bass Guitar

Tuition on other instruments is available in school via TVMS.


What will my child receive?

A 30 minute weekly lesson in a small group or individually as appropriate.

Tuition and loan of instruments is free to parents.

A weekly ensemble session to compliment their learning in lesson:

  • Percussion ensemble
  • Brass ensemble
  • Woodwind ensemble
  • Guitar ensemble
  • Soul band

How much does it cost?

Tuition, instrument loan costs and exam entry fees are covered by Northfield School. We feel very proud and fortunate to be able to offer this level of support to our musicians.

You will be asked to purchase a lesson book/sheet music as appropriate by your child's instrumental teacher. If your child receives pupil premium funding books are provided.

Expectations- Engagement with the Programme

Lesson attendance: We expect your child to attend their instrumental lesson punctually every week. Timetables will rotate through the school day to minimise disruption to curriculum time. This means that your child's lesson time will change week on week. Timetables are displayed in the music corridor and will be shared half termly with parents and carers.

Ensemble attendance: When your child’s playing is of an appropriate standard he/she will be required to join one of our ensembles. Our aim with ensemble playing is to build friendships and to have fun! Ensemble playing is also a great way to improve instrumental technique, it is therefore an integral part of the programme. Pupils who learn an instrument with TVMS or privately are also very welcome.

Performances: we have a number of exciting ensemble performances planned in and out of school which our ensembles prepare for throughout the year. We hope that you will join us to celebrate our musicians success.

Practice: your child’s teacher will keep you updated as to what and how much they need to practise every week. We expect participants to take full advantage of the excellent tuition provided by practising regularly. Instruments should be kept at home for daily practice between lessons.

Instrument care: we expect pupils to take good care of loaned instruments. We do understand that accidents can happen! You may wish to add your school instrument onto your household insurance policy.

Failure to engage adequately with the programme in any of the above areas may result in us offering your child’s place to another pupil. We do expect a reasonable level of attendance at lessons, rehearsals and performances. We will always discuss any issues with you in the first instance.

What if my child already learns an instrument in school?

If your child already receives small group (nb not whole class) tuition on guitars, woodwind, brass or percussion in school they will automatically be offered a place to continue learning for free through the Northfield School music programme.

Thank you to those parents who responded to our email enquiry earlier in the term. Children who are learning other instruments with TVMS are able to continue with a TVMS teacher at Northfield.

What if my child wants to take part but does not want to learn an instrument?

No problem! We have an exciting programme of events around wider access ensembles such as choir and ukulele club. Just have a chat with your music teacher.

Sign Up

If you are interested in signing up, please talk to your music teacher or email Miss Hird