iPad Learning Scheme

Our vision is for every child to have equal access to digital technology and for this to be at the forefront of our teaching philosophy in the future so that our pupils continue to improve their retention of critical knowledge, development of key skills and mastering challenging concepts.

For several years now we have been working towards becoming a '1-2-1' iPad school which would mean that every student has their own iPad to use as a learning device, both inside and outside of the classroom. Several schools within our region have successfully been running 1-2-1 iPad schemes for some time now and we believe that the time is right for Northfield to join them.

Our aim is that our pupils leave Northfield  with the skills needed to be effective learners in the 21st Century. These skills include; problem solving, leadership, communication, team working and resilience. The Covid-19 pandemic has presented huge challenges for schools and young people and we have learned that the use of technology is absolutely integral in helping our pupils in maximising their full potential. It is no coincidence that pupil confidence in these areas has grown as a result of us maximising the use of technology.

Digital technology offers us a unique opportunity to extend learning beyond the classroom and the school day. Pupils only spend 20% of their lives at school, so enabling learning to take place elsewhere is extremely important to their future success.

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Making an Insurance Claim

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