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Exam Information

Year 11 exams will start in May 2024.

All pupils will receive their own individual timetable showing the exams they will be sitting along with the times and location.

Our staff are on hand to offer support in the run-up to the exams as well as during and after. We'd encourage any pupil who might be feeling stressed, anxious or confused about the exams to speak to a member of staff who will be able to help.

We know that parents and carers are desperate to help in any way that they can. As well as supporting us by ensuring that pupils are completing all the work that we ask them to, parents and carers can help the young people in their care stay healthy and prepare their mind and body for the exam season. To help with that, we have included advice from the 'PiXL' organisation on exam preparation and healthy eating for exam success. You'll find this in the 'Power to Perform' section below.

Power to Perform

Power to Perform is all about using the food to enhance pupils' performance, concentration and energy. Click on the links below to view useful Power to Perform content!

Recipe booklet
20 recipes which all include ingredients that will enable students to feel fuller for longer and perform well

Recipe cards - snacks
Try some of these delicious and really easy-to-make snacks to take a break and boost your brain power! 

Night before exam preparation




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