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School Uniform

Northfield is firmly committed to a smart and distinctive school uniform. We believe that this helps to improve both standards and behaviour. Appearance is important and is one of the aspects of school life which encourages both pupils and parents to identify with the school. If at any time it is not possible for a pupil to be in full school uniform a note should be sent to the appropriate Head of Year.

The image created by pupils coming and going from school is important especially in the eyes of the public. Outdoor clothing should therefore be suitable for school.

Pupils are not permitted to wear any jewellery apart from a watch. During PE, students must take watches off.

No extreme hairstyles are allowed. During PE lessons, pupils must tie hair up.

Loss and Damage to Property
All school clothing and personal property should be clearly marked with the student's name. Whilst precautions are taken to safeguard pupils property, the school cannot accept liability for loss or damage.

School Uniform

Uniform items Required Optional Purchased from school supplier Your choice of supplier 
Grey trousers    
Black socks    
Black shoes*    

*Please refer to image below for examples of acceptable/unacceptable footwear


PE Uniform

Part of the PE uniform includes black PE socks containing the school logo.  To help with costs and to reduce branded items, plain black sports can also be worn as an alternative to the branded socks.

Girls' PE kit

Uniform items Required Optional Purchased from school supplier Your choice of supplier
Red polo    
Black leggings or shorts    
Sports trainers    
Black socks    
Sports hoodie    

Boys' PE kit

Uniform items Required Optional Purchased from school supplier Your choice of supplier
Black PE shirt    
Red rugby/football shirt (outdoor)    
Black shorts    
Sports trainers    
Black socks    
Sports hoodie    
Football boots    

Please note, cycling shorts should not be worn.

Financial Support

We appreciate that the cost of purchasing school uniform can place a strain on some household budgets. In such instances, we may be able to provide financial assistance. The school will consider requests for financial assistance for the following group of students:

  • students in receipt of free school meals
  • students with disabilities
  • students who are or have been in care
  • students from families who are are experiencing exceptional circumstances leading to financial difficulties

For more information please contact our family support worker, Mrs Carroll,

Please note that all requests will be considered on a case by case basis and the school may ask you to provide further information as part of this process.

Recycled Uniform

We would encourage all parents to donate items of used uniform to us when the opportunity allows. We generally have a stock of recycled uniform items that are kindly donated by our parents and this allows us to make these items available to other students either at a significantly reduced cost or, in some cases, free of charge. This service is available to parents as an alternative to the financial support outlined above. Recycled uniform is also available at the Billingham and Stockton Borough Foodbank.

Uniform Suppliers

We work with two local uniform suppliers - Elizabeth's and Rawcliffes.  Please see details below of any offers that they may have.



Letters to parents

Here you can find a copy of any letters that have been sent out to parents and carers regarding uniform.