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Pupil Voice

Pupils at Northfield enjoy many opportunities to contribute their views and opinions.

At Northfield, we are constantly committed to improving every part of school life and a crucial part of that process is listening to the invaluable contributions of our pupils.

Whilst pupils are given many platforms on which to share their perspectives, one specific forum is the pupil teaching and learning group which meets fortnightly to provide feedback and ensure their voices are heard. With pupils from all year groups participating, and largely being led by a small team of fantastic prefects, the group discuss a diverse range of topics covering different aspects of school life. Pupils in this group also get a chance to provide feedback to staff, including SLT and governors.

The perspectives of our pupils also play an important role in the recruitment of new staff and had a strong say in the appointment of Mr Henderson.

Pupil voice at Northfield, however, is continuous and involves all pupils; it is not just the view of a small group. Regularly, pupils’ opinions and perspectives are taken to support our quality assurance process, to ensure all areas of our school are the best we can make them.

In short, we are here to challenge and support our pupils and a crucial part of getting that balance right is listening to the views of the people we work with. Pupil voice, therefore, will always play an integral role at Northfield.