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Pupil Voice

Pupils at Northfield School have many opportunities to contribute their views and opinions.

The full School Council meets every half term to look at a wide variety of issues from end of term activity planning to fundraising for charities. In addition to this, each year group has Year Councils who look at issues specifically affecting their year.

Pupil Voice, however, extends far wider than just School Council. Pupils play an increasingly important role in the interview process of recruiting new staff, this included Mr Henderson’s appointment.

Pupils discuss a range of issues within the School Council such as ideas on how they wish to be rewarded, input on new policies and procedures, and sitting on interview panels for new staff.

Pupil voice does not stop at the School Council - all pupils are regularly spoken to via questionnaires, google forms and are regularly asked their thoughts on the school curriculum through quality assurance from senior and middle leaders. We are very keen to know what our learners think of our school.