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Raising Attainment

As Year 11 pupils enter their final year at Northfield School, it is important that they are supported by staff and parents to achieve their full academic potential.

We have introduced a number of programmes aimed to support identified groups of pupils. By actively participating in these programmes pupils will benefit from increased individualised guidance and targeted support, including after-school study sessions.

Our programme of after school and lunchtime clubs is fully inclusive and open to all students. Any pupil underachieving in their subjects should seek to improve their results by taking the opportunity to visit the  clubs. All subject areas provide times during or after school when any pupil can get help with their studies.  If pupils find that there is a clash between subjects they need to attend on the Raising Achievement timetable then they should seek guidance from their Form Tutor or Head of Year. 

Raising Achievement however is not just for Year 11. It is essential that all pupils meet their targets each year. Targets are set in September and progress monitored each half term, pupils who are not on track to meet targets are identified by subject teacher and tutors. A programme of intervention is put in place to ensure that they will meet their target , this can take the form of report, extra session or targeted activities in lessons. Parents are informed of the progress of pupils against their target each half term.

If you have any queries about the Raising Achievement programme please contact initially the Form Tutor or relevant Head of Year.