Catering & School Meals

Our School Meals:

Our catering service is provided by Stockton Borough Council.

The food and drinks we provide meet the national school food standards. We evaluate our food and drink provision regularly against the standards and seek and respond to student voice and opinions on the food we provide for them.

We have recently introduced oily fish, wholegrains, seeds, vegetable snacks and milk into our menus to further enhance our healthy menu choices.

Our Menus:

Menus are rotated and are varied in accordance with seasons and theme weeks to enable us to offer a huge variety of healthy choices to suit all tastes and preferences. Menus can be viewed below:

Click here to view our menu for September - December 2023

In accordance with Food Standards Agency guidance, allergens are displayed to pupils, staff and parents. Please refer to the information sheet below for information.

Should you have any further queries, our Catering Manager will be happy to help.

Allergen Information Chart


Pre-Order Kiosks

Pre-Order Kiosks allow pupils to pre-order their food which they can then pick up later from designated collection points within the school, meaning they can avoid the queues in the dining area. For pupils attending lunch time clubs, this is ideal, as they can maximise the time they have to spend doing the activities they enjoy.

The pre-order service offers a wide selection of cold grab and go foods. Orders can be placed between 8.00am and 08.45am for lunch the same day, or 12:25pm to 13:10pm for lunch the following day.

Having made and confirmed their choices, pupil accounts are debited with the amount straightaway, and the pupil can see their new balance displayed. The kiosk then issues a ‘ticket’ confirming food and drink items selected, and a matching ticket is sent electronically to catering who prepare the order for collection.

On collection, the pupil hands over their ticket, and in return is given the corresponding items.

Key Points:

  • Pre-ordered food or snacks from kiosks are collected later from designated pick-up points
  • Meal selections are recorded and account balances updated
  • Food delivery is faster, reducing queueing and dining hall traffic
  • Pre-ordered meals result in an improved catering service, achieving cost efficiencies without compromising service
  • Reduction in food wastage and improved stock and production controls

Cashless Catering

The school operates a cashless catering system that uses biometrics. This system speeds up the queueing process for your child, allows anonymity for students in receipt of free school meals and provides an opportunity for you to receive reports on your child’s food purchasing if you wish. The system also supports the management of students with special dietary needs.

New Year 7 students will be registered on their first day.

It is up to you how much you will allow your child to spend and how often you wish them to credit their accounts, though our preference would be weekly. Accounts can be credited in school at our re-value units situated outside of the dining hall, or online via schoolcomms.

Children on free school meals will be automatically credited each day the price of a free school meal. You may wish to also credit an additional amount to their account.