How parents can help

Check, check, check- your KS3 child has their AR book at all times and is reading 20 minutes a night.

Make it fun- read aloud with your child or get them to read aloud to you. Don’t be afraid to do silly voices, the sillier the better! 

Key skills for reading- ask your child to predict what will happen next, get them to clarify the meaning of words, question them on the meaning of the text and then at the end get them to summarise what you have read. These are the four key skills we use every day at school- you can use them too! 

Change it up- football magazines? Recipes? Celebrity autobiographies? Car manuals? It doesn’t matter what they read as long as they are reading.

Audiobooks count too- if your child has a device, utilise it. There are plenty of different websites where you can listen to podcasts and audiobooks for free: Apple podcasts, Spotify, BBC Sounds, Audible, Kindle unlimited all have options for free subscriptions. 

Don’t forget- we have Recommended Reading lists to guide you in the right direction which have something for everyone.