Cambridge University Visit

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Posted on 24 Mar 2022

Today we've had the pleasure of speaking with four undergraduates from King's College, Cambridge University.

Every year, representatives from the College travel to the North East to work with Year 10 school pupils through a series of games and activities designed to raise aspirations and provide information about University opportunities.

This project has run since 2000 and has two principal aims:

• To increase awareness amongst pupils in the state sector of the opportunities available to them in Higher Education

• To dispel myths associated with the University of Cambridge, helping to build relationships between the University and schools that have little or no history of sending applicants to Cambridge.

The group had discussions around University, the variety of subjects available, timetables, extra-curricular opportunities, finance, making friends, types of accommodation, entrance requirements, career prospects and applying to Cambridge.

Our pupils were given the chance to ask their own questions in a small, informal setting to find out what they really wanted to know about University life.

It was a fantastic opportunity for them to hear first hand about the full University experience which will help them to make decisions that will shape their futures.