Student Spotlight



We are thrilled to shine a spotlight on Will, a talented Year 8 pupil who has achieved remarkable success in the world of ice hockey.

Ice Hockey Journey
Will's journey in ice hockey began at the age of six when he first stepped onto the ice. Since then, he has dedicated himself to honing his skills, training diligently three to four times a week at Billingham Forum. His passion for the sport runs in the family, as his father, Richie, has played for the Billingham Stars and the England team.

Will was recently selected to play ice hockey for the England U14's team. This outstanding achievement is a testament to Will's hard work and dedication both on and off the ice. Competing against a multitude of talented individuals during the England trials, Will showcased his skills and secured his place on the team, highlighting his exceptional talent in the sport.

Will recently had the incredible opportunity to represent his country as part of the England U14's team in Scotland. Will's passion and commitment to ice hockey were on full display during the tournament.

Future Aspirations
Will's passion for ice hockey continues to fuel his ambition. With his dedication to training, Will is poised to excel even further in his ice hockey journey and we look forward to witnessing his continued growth and success.


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