Student Spotlight



Talented Year 9 pupil, Beth, is making waves in the world of Taekwondo.

Taekwondo Journey
Beth's journey in Taekwondo began in Cyprus, where she developed her passion for the sport and worked her way up to a blue belt. Since returning home, she has continued her training at NEST Taekwondo in Redcar, showcasing her dedication and commitment to honing her skills. 

Beth's exceptional performance at the 2022 British Taekwondo Federation (BTF) UK Championships in Birmingham earned her a flurry of impressive medals. Against tough competition, she secured a fantastic gold medal and two silver medals, highlighting her talent and determination. 

In the ITF North West Championships in Liverpool, Beth showcased her skills and achieved a gold medal for special technique (flying sidekick) and a silver medal for sparring. Her dedication and focus on patterns also led her to achieve a gold medal at a competition in Manchester and the Scottish Open, where she secured silver medals for both sparring and special technique.

In the 2023 UK Open in Guildford, Beth competed against strong competition of just black belts and red belts (the highest belts for her age group), and earned a gold in sparring and a bronze each in patterns and special technique.

Beth is currently a black belt (1st Dan).

Medals and Awards
Beth consistently excelled in various competitions and so far she has earned a flurry of medals:

  • 11 gold medals
  • 6 silver medals
  • 3 bronze medals

Future Aspirations
Beth's journey in Taekwondo is marked by her ongoing commitment to training and her involvement with the England team. She is eagerly awaiting news on whether she will represent England at the upcoming World Championships in Italy next May. Beth's determination and talent make her poised for future success in Taekwondo.