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Head Boy and Head Girl Message

2Hello, my name is Eve, and I am very thankful and proud to be able to call myself Head Girl of Northfield School. The position of Head Girl has been something that I’ve always dreamt of and strived to achieve, and so to finally be able to say that I have, is beyond what words can describe.

I have loved each and every second of my time here at Northfield, and I feel as though every single aspect of school life has helped to shape me into the person who I am today. Not only is that thanks to the amazing opportunities that the school has offered to both myself and its many other pupils, but also thanks to its incredible teachers and staff who always ensure that the school environment is a very positive, friendly and welcoming one for all of its students.

What is it about our school that makes it one of a kind? We have a whole building that is fully devoted to our Year 7 pupils, to help ease the transition for them, from primary school to secondary school. Having an entire building, also allows the Year 7’s to settle into the changes of a new school, and helps to make the whole experience less daunting, as it lets them adapt to the differences of secondary school, within the comfort of their own, separate environment.

Our school also provides a vast array of extracurricular activities and clubs, varying all the way from science based clubs such as the STEM Club (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths), to all things musical like the school choir and the NTC (Northfield Theatre Company), as well as an endless amount of sports clubs, many of which have professional coaches who come into school to help teach us alongside Northfield’s own incredible PE staff. As well as all of this, our school is also home to a beautiful library, within which are numerous opportunities and events to get pupils more involved with their reading and English skills. Some of my greatest experiences from Northfield have come through the likes of clubs like these, such as the Debate Team, with who I was lucky enough to get to visit the Houses of Parliament, and the STEM Club, who have provided myself and numerous other pupils with the opportunities to visit so many incredible science shows, lectures, and also trips.

Northfield also provides its pupils with a very wide array of trips abroad, to help further widen our experience as pupils of the school, and to enhance our studies. I myself have been lucky enough to visit Germany with the Languages Department, which has given me first-hand experience with speaking the language and has helped me to further develop my German studies, as well as leave me with memories to last a lifetime. Additionally, the school also provides its pupils with countless other outstanding trips. Some from the past having included: ski trips to France with the PE department, trips to Berlin with the History department, and even trips with the Humanities department to New York, Washington and Philadelphia.

Whilst making sure to provide such an immense amount of extracurricular opportunities for its pupils, Northfield also has an incredible team of teachers to support those of its pupils with learning difficulties, to make sure that all of its pupils are offered the same chances in both home and school life. Over recent years, the school has expanded its VI and HI base, to provide an environment and safe space for those students with visual and/or hearing impairments. In addition to this, Northfield also is home to a very hardworking and supportive team of staff within the learning zone, who work hard to provide additional aid for those of its students who require extra assistance within everyday school life.

Northfield School is, and will always be, a place that I’ll be able to look back on and remember all of my amazing experiences from, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a school community where they know that they will be valued by all. I am so proud to be able to act as an ambassador for the school, to help further enhance what already is an outstanding place of learning, and I look forward to being able to give back to the school for all that it has provided for me.

1Hello, my name is Charlie and I am Head Boy here at Northfield. I am so happy that I have been appointed and I hope that along with other members of the JLT, we can create an environment which won’t just benefit the school but also the communities it lies within.

Since coming back from the Summer holidays, I had been tantalised by the thought of this opportunity but now I’m here and have the privilege to be an embodiment of the student voice and benefit this school for the better.

Ever since applying for Northfield at the end of Year 6, I had always wondered what it would feel like to be a part of the school community and I must admit, I was frightened by the thought of the transition (as I’m sure more pupils who will be joining us next year are), but if you want to be somewhat of a success, life is all about taking risks.

So, if you are thinking of coming here, DO! It has world class teachers with not just some of the highest levels of intelligence but also a warm smile that will brighten up your day. So even if you are fearful of walking up into the depths of Northfield, there will always be a teacher to guide your way.  If you’re not comfortable talking to them, then there is always the rest of your Year Group to lead you to success. Here at Northfield, no one is ever left out because in some ways we are all apart of one big family.

Anyway, it’s probably best to tell you about my experience here. The first day of Year 7 was the first tackle. Imagine me: a really small person trying to navigate around the endless halls and corridors of this towering school… but fortunately for you, you have your own building with not a single other Year Group inside, so there is never a need to worry. Alongside this you have your own guidance team that will stick with you throughout your time here at Northfield. And from past experience, they are seriously fundamental people to both your mental and physical wellbeing here at Northfield.

But then, over the next few months, school will turn into a cyclical routine however each day somehow seems to differ from one another. May that be challenging exam questions or the thrill of after school activities (of which there are many to choose from), everybody is always excited from 8:45 to 3:10. Personally, I did not want to escape that cycle of routine as it always gave me something to work towards whether that be end of year tests or preparing for your head pupil interview. There is never not something exciting to work towards.

If I had to be honest, the best thing to happen here was definitely the introduction of the new headteacher. Mr Henderson has made a significant impact on this school and it has all been for the better. From the core values: Honesty, respect and resilience, to the complete admiration he doesn’t just have for the school but the community it is surrounded by. Everybody here is always able to portray each of the values which gives the school its well renowned personality and high-profile image.

 So why has Northfield been the greatest step in my life so far? It is because you won’t just get amazing grades but also memories that you will cherish way into the future and for the rest of your life. So personally, there is no regret I have ever had coming here because there has never been a day which I haven’t enjoyed to the fullest.

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