Y11 Students attend GCSE Science Live at The University of York

On the 11th February a group of Y11 students attended GCSE Science Live at The University of York and had the opportunity to hear from 5 of Britain's top scientists, all working at the cutting edge of their specialism as well as a Chief examiner.

Students heard about a wide range of research projects such as building a star on Earth from Dr Kate Lancaster, Dr Simon Singh discussed evidence of the Big Bang, Professor Jim Al-Khalili spoke about the possibility of Time travel and Professor Steve Jones discussed the effect of environment on genetics. The student’s favourite speaker was Professor Lord Robert Winston who gave us an insight into his career in fertility and reproductive science.

The day took Science out of the classroom and gave students a better understanding of the diversity that it offers, allowing them to consider the sense of what science is, how it is done and what it might be for. Students were also given top exam tips from a chief examiner, and came away better prepared for their Science GCSE.