Horse Riding

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Posted on 22 Jun 2022

During this term, 4 of our sensory support students have been horse riding with the RDA in Nunthorpe.

Initially the two lads were very nervous. They were both unsure about giving it a go. It was with lots of encouragement and support, that our team at school eventually, managed to persuade them to go along to see what it was going to be like, but with a promise that they wouldn't be forced to ride on the animals.

However, once we arrived and they all had a look around, they were introduced to the ponies in the stables, and they felt a little more confident and reassured.

In the arena, the staff encouraged all the students to climb onto their pony and they were all really brave and gave it a go. 

After that initial fear there was no stopping them all from going. They were there each week, waiting for me to collect the school mini-bus and drive them to the riding school. They LOVED it.